CUOnline Account Access

CUOnline Account Access

With CUOnline Account Access, members have the convenience of performing their transactions over a secured internet site. CUOnline is offered to all ISU Credit Union members for FREE!

To register for CUOnline, if you've never logged in, you will use your member number and the last four digits of the phone number you provided at account opening. 

ISUFCU Online Account Access Tips

Account Access

This feature allows you to access your various deposit and loan accounts.  You can view your current deposit and loan balances, view up to six (6) months of transaction history for each account and transfer funds between your accounts.  You can also see a copy of your cleared checks by clicking on the check number in your checking transaction history. You also have the option to use Finance Works, which is an online budgeting tool to help members track and categorize their finances.

Bill Payment

Bill Payment is COMPLETELY FREE!
This feature allows you to pay bills through your personal computer, rather than by writing and mailing checks. The bill payment service allows scheduling of recurring payments and verification of past payments.

Additional Services

  • e-Statements - View your monthly financial statements online instead of receiving them through the mail.  View, print, or save your last twelve (12) months of financial statements. If you need beyond the last 12 months, there is a nominal re-print fee for each month that is needed.
Learn how to sign up for e-Statements with the video. 
  • Loan payments from non-ISUFCU account - You can pay on your ISUFCU loan from a non-ISUFCU account through our CUOnline Account Access. When logged into your account, click on Transfer Funds and select Loan Payment under External Transfers. You will need to know your Routing Number and Account number for the account you wish to pay from.
  • Money Management - Your complete financial picture all in one place! See where your money is going so you can find ways to save.

My Settings 

This service enables you to change how you experience your CUOnline session.  Within this service you have access to a variety of features including the ability to change your username and password; change your email address; change your security contacts; set up alerts and notifications; and choose your account nicknames.


Supported Browser Versions for CUOnline and Bill Payment

Below are the settings for various browsers supported by CUOnline Account Access:  

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)

You will have to create a username. Also, the system will check the strength of your password. If the password is not strong enough to meet the upgraded security requirements, you will have to create a new one. You will be required to change your password every six (6) months.

You will be issued an access code, which will be delivered to your phone via either a text message or an automated voice message. You will have to input the access code when logging in on a computer or follow the prompts when logging onto the app in order to proceed to the CUOnline Account Access home page.