Additional Services

Direct Deposit

Why would you ever want to wait in line when you don't have to? With direct deposit and payroll deduction you won't have to. Your funds will always arrive safe and on time. Check with your payroll department to see if you can take advantage of this convenient service. To sign up for direct deposit at your place of employment, you will need our routing number:  274975932

Check Ordering

If you wish to order checks, visit the Main Street website or contact the credit union directly at 812-234-1021 or 800-628-1021.

Money Orders

  • Money Orders can be issued for any amount up to $1,000
  • Must be purchased in person with available funds
  • Member must sign for money order at the time of purchase
  • A fee of $2.50 is charged for each money order

ACH Origination

ISU Credit Union offers ACH (Automated Clearing House). This is a quick way of transmitting money electronically from one financial institution to another. It can be used to process regular recurring payments such as credit cards or loan payments. ACH is the "middle man" between financial institutions.

  • Incoming ACH transactions - NO FEE
  • Outgoing ACH transactions - $5.00 per transaction
  • ACH transfers require a signed authorization
  • Recurring transactions, one-time transactions, and 'upon request' transactions are available
  • Funds sent by ACH are available the next business day after the transaction is sent

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Annual fee based on the size of box rented
  • Box rental fee is debited from the member's account automatically
  • Box is accessible only by owner(s) or designated party
  • Safe place to keep documents and valuables
  • Contents of safe deposit boxes are not NCUA insured

Safe Deposit Boxes & Fees

Size Price
3 X 5 $25.00 per year
5 X 5 $30.00 per year
3 X 10 $35.00 per year
5 X 10 $50.00 per year
10 X 10 $65.00 per year
Lost key fee $25.00 each key
Drill box fee $125.00 each box

Touch-Tone Teller

Check balances, transfer between accounts, inquire about check clearings and more from any touch-tone telephone. Our Touch Tone Teller System recently underwent an upgrade. If you have not already enrolled in the new system, you will need to do so before accessing your account. Enrollment instructions can be found here. To dial directly into our Touch Tone Teller line, call 812-234-1004 or 1-800-628-1004. View the Touch-Tone menu options.