After Hours

Below is information you may need outside of our regular business hours. Should you have further questions, please email us by using our secure contact form.

Lost or Stolen Debit / ATM Card

After Hours Phone Number - 800-472-3272
After Hours International Phone Number:  614-564-5105

Lost or Stolen Visa® Credit Card

24-Hour Visa® Phone Number - 855-522-2075

Activate or Reset Debit / ATM Card PIN

After Hours Phone Number - 800-992-3808

Reorder Checks

You may reorder checks by calling us at 812-234-1021 or 800-628-1021.

Daily Limits (within a 24 hour period)

MasterCard® Debit/ATM at an ATM - $800.00 
MasterCard® Debit/ATM purchase transaction - $1,000.00

Surcharge-Free ATM locations